My daughter's wedding and my father's death

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April 27

Our daughter is going to have a wedding this Sunday.

She and her boyfriend got married this March.

At First they were going to have their wedding ceremony a few years later. At that time, my father got hospitalized. Then they changed their plan and decided to have wedding to show their marriage to her grandfather.

As my daughter was the first granddaughter for my father, she was spoiled very much.
I suppose that's why she strongly wanted him to attend her wedding.

In spite of our wish, my father's condition got worse and worse.
Now that he uses an oxygen tank to breathe and always has injections, it's impossible for him to attend the ceremony.

Their wedding center, a small French restaurant that has a small chapel upstairs, was kind enough to suggest us a plan; to visit the hospital after the wedding and take pictures with my father.

It was sad that he couldn't attend her wedding any more, but we all thought this suggestion was the best way.

Now my family are all looking forward to the wedding.

May 1

As I reported the other day, my daughter had her wedding ceremony on April 29th.
Before the wedding, she was very busy with her job.

The wedding center suggested some dramatic effect, such as showing their childhood by playing a DVD and making a board with a welcome message on.

I was worried about her health, so I advised her not to try too much. I was ready for any help, but I have my own job, too. April is when a new school year begins. I had little time to spare.
I didn't expect her to prepare very much for her wedding, either.
On the day before the wedding, she asked me to carry some things she prepared.
To my surprise, she had made up a board with a welcome message and a music CD of her own choice.

It was a very small wedding. There were only 14 guests, mainly relatives of the bride and groom. We didn't know most of the bridegroom's relatives, but thanks to the small member of people, we all got to know each other and enjoyed conversation together.

Adding to that, all the attendance were surprised at a DVD showing the couple's daily lives. They also brought in their two pet flying phalangers(momonga) at the wedding!

But what was the most wonderful was the bride's letter to us parents and one to her grandmother.
It was printed on a pamphlet with some photoes. I was much impressed.

There were two friends of them among the guests. They also acted as cameramen.
After the wedding the bride and groom visited the hospital to tell my father about their wedding.
As it was Sunday, there were few people in the hospital. She raised her wedding dress to her knees so that the dress didn't get dirty. It was a strange scenery, but anyhow my father recognized them and was glad.

When I came back home, I felt tired but was very happy. A long day of wedding has ended.
I hope they will be happy together.

May 3
This may sound like a fition, but it's not.....

I wrote about my daughter's wedding in my last diary.
At that time my father's condition was stabilized. He was sleeping peacefully most of the time .
Then on the second day after the wedding, his symptoms worsened. He was lying in bed unconsciously but gasping for breath as if he had been running a marathon.

On the morning of May 2nd, I was woken by a call from my mother and knew he had passed away.
Mother was calmer than I expected. She knew this day would surely come. Since then we were busy. We had lots of things to prepare for his funerral.

Anyway, I felt as if my father had postponed his death until my dauter's wedding.
My daughter said, "Everything looks like a fiction or a drama. It's unbelievable!"
My mother said, "All went too well. I'm scared. I am afraid something bad might happen instead."
Maybe my father knew my mother's strong wish that he should be alive to see the wedding, and he might have been relieved to know it was done.
Adding to that, he passed away on the best day for us; as my family had no plans for this Golden Week because of my father's disease, we had enough time to prepare for his funeral.

Lots of people have helped us. Without their help, we could have done nothing.
I feel grateful to lots of people who helped us.
Plus I think we did our best and so did my father.






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