My hospitalization


I had to stay at hospital and had a surgery at the end of last year.
It wasn't serious at all.
I had gallstones and had to get rid of my gall bladder.



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I had to stay at hospital and had a surgery at the end of last year.
It wasn't serious at all.
I had gallstones and had to get rid of my gall bladder.

As a matter of fact, I was looking forward to my staying at hospital.
The other stay I had to take last summer began suddenly. I had a sharp pain in my abdomen, went to hospital and was told to get hospitalized at that time. I had no time to fetch my staff to hospital.
This time I had enough time to prepare. So I brought The Two Towers from The Lord of the Rings and the Inklings. I also had put the film TTT into my iPod. I also brough a set of fancywork to make a dollhouse-like ornament.

What was hard for me was the time before the hospitalization. I had to finish some of my works before that. I worked hard.
At the day of my hospitalization, I was exhausted. I was brought to my bed, changed my clothes to a pair of pajamas, and then everything was done! I had nothing to do any more. So I took out the fancywork kits and began making some tiny furniture using bond and pincetts.
Suddenly a doctor came to me and asked if I was feeling good. Yes, I did feel very good except that I was very much embarrassed by being asked "What are you doing. madam?"

I thought it took more than a few days to finish those furniture.
Luckily and to my surprise I finished making them before evening. It was disarmingly easy. Later I found I was lucky. I had to take all my personal belongings with me to another bedroom near the operation room. It must have been a lot of trouble if I hadn't finished the furniture.

After supper, (I didn't expect a yummy supper at hospital.) I laid myself on the bed and before knowing I went to sleep around 8 o'clock.
(I ususally go to bed around 11 or 12.) I didn't know when the light was off.

The next morning a nurse came to me and asked, "Did you sleep well?"
Yes, I did. I slept like a log exactly.
She continued, "Oh, it's good. Some patients can't sleep because they are too nervous." Ohh, where are my nerves?
Adding to that, I slept again after the nurse had gone. I was waked by another nurse again just before the surgery.

The nurses carried me on the bed to the surgery room. As this was the first surgery for me, I looked up the surgical lights on the ceiling and felt excited. It was just the same I saw on TV.
The surgery itself seemed to have finished in a moment. I had full anesthesia.

The hardest part was after the surgery. When I came to myself again, I found myself attached a lot of tubes and was unable to move at all. I had to stay with that condition for a day.

I endured. I knew I had to endure that. The next day all the tubes were taken off. Thanks to the medical innovation, my surgery required only a smallest cut. I got able to move the next day.

After that all I had to do was sleep, lie still and eat. Every morrning after breakfast I began to read a book or listned to my iPod. It was like a dream.

I was discharged from the hospital on New Year's Eve. My husband and daughters called for me.
At this time of the year, I used to clean my house thoroughly. But this time I had no time to clean my house. My husband and daughters did it halfway. Well, it's good. People don't die just because their house is full of dust.

I had ordered the "Osechi", a Japanese New Year's Dish last year.
It's very easy.
My mom said to me, "The Datemaki (sweet egg roll) you made last year was much yummier than the one we bought this time." Sorry, mom. I'll make it myself next year.

Thus ended my hospitalization and New Year's Day holidays.

Lots of Japanese people suffered much last year. It was shocking just to watch the tsunami videos from a safe room. I can't imagine how hideous and fearful it was for the people there.
All I can do is just pray. I felt so sorry for the victims of the disaster, but as for myself, I felt happy. I felt happy and thanked to God because I have my family and they are with me. I thanked to God that I'm better now and at home with my family. May such little happiness be with those victims, too.






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