My father's discharge from hospital 父の退院


My father got the certification of long-term care need. There are five levels in need of nursing care, and he was certified as level five, which means the most serious level.
Though his situation is terrible, I was relieved somehow because he was properly certified. (until this point, he was certified as level one, the least serious level. )

He is going to be discharged from hospital.
It's not because he was recovered but because there's nothing the hospital can treat except infusing nourishing material and water replacement.

The social worker at the hospital advised us to visit a neaby elder care facility to let him in.
My mother and I went out to observe it leaving my father at hospital.
This was the first time for my mother to leave my father alone at hospital.

Indeed the facility was new and full of modern equipments, but it would cost very high, maybe higher than we could afford.
Plus my mother was worried about that my father would have to be left alone without my mother, even though he could get enough care.

Seeing her, I decided that we take care of my father at home, with as much aid from home helpers as possible.

When we came back, we found that my father had pulled off the tube of infusion and there was a little trouble happening. I suppose this was because he had felt uneasy because he couldn't see my mother anywhere.

Seeing this, my mother also made a decision to care for him at home.

Though it was until yesterday. Today my mother and I discussed this with our doctor.
I told him that we wanted to care him at home, but he said that my father had to stay at hospital.

My father has been on a drip to gain enough nourishment. As his veins are now so narrow, he's got a special drip, CVcatheter at the base of his leg. According to him, it's hard to keep CVcatheter clean, and it would be impossible to be done by lay people at home.

So we had to give up taking him to home.

Now we are searching for a hospital for the elderly where he can get proper cure for his CV catheter.

I am actually embarrassed by a sudden change of his future plan.
Recently I came to think that life is to choose something at each time.
When people make a choice, they often wonder if they chose rightly.
Now I also wonder if I made a right decision.

While I was wondering, I thought of people at the time of tsunami.
Lots of people must have wondered, say, if they should run to the hill separately or they should go back home to take other members, or if they should take a car or run.
Some might regret saying "I shouldn't let him go back home to fetch his coat."

All I can say is that all of them tried to make a right decision, not knowing what result comes out of their action.

Compared to that, my decision is a small one.
Still making a decision is heavy. I wonder how heavy their decisions were at the time of tsunami.



Losing its magicインド経済は魔法を失いつつある:Economist

今日はThe Economistから2題。

Losing its magic

多くの人口を抱えるインドは先頃めざましい経済成長を見せてきました。ところがここに及んで陰りが見えてきました。Economistはその原因を絶望的な政治desperate politicsと言っています。

Still I feel India is full of economic energy, like China. I think from now on it is the age of Asian countries.

Speak, friend, and enter


ところでこの記事のタイトルのSpeak, friend, and enterって意味わかります?
これ、実はThe Lord of the Ringsで一行がMoria坑道に入るとき、入り口に刻んであった言葉です。本来はSay "Friend" and enterと訳されるべきで、合い言葉のfriendが入口に書いてあるというオチなのです。


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Flight Attendant Fired for Parody Videosパロディ動画で首にTIME

American Airlines Flight Attendant Fired for Parody Videos
アメリカンエアラインの客室乗務員が、会社をネタにしたパロディ動画を作りアップしたところ解雇されました。本人によると会社を中傷するのではなく仲間を笑わせたかったとの事ですが…。女装してThe Iron LadyならぬThe Alminium Ladyとして登場しています。

Ohh, I laughed. It's too natural that he was fired.

Are Americans Over Being Polite?
アメリカ人の近年の言葉の変化を取り上げ、becoming more rudeになっているのではないかと問うています。

No thank you →I'm good.
You're welcome. → No problem. You bet.
Thank you. → Cheers.

I didn't know these expressions. I sitll don't get the subtle difference of these expressions. This article was very useful.

Our school had a closing ceremony today. Now almost all the students I taught will go up to the third grade. It's getting warmer day by day. I feel spring is coming.
It is said that spring is a time of meeting and parting in Japan.
Some colleagues are moving to other schools, too.
In April I'll be meeting some new students. It's another pleasure of this time of year.

Why Men Are Attracted to High-Earning Women稼ぎのよい女性がもてる:TIME


Why Men Are Attracted to High-Earning Women



I was a little surprised to know that high-earning women could be a threat to men even in the U.S.
because Japan has the same tendency.
I also underatand that these days high-earning women are becoming popular.

My father's hospitalization again

It was less than two weeks since my father had been discharged.
Unlike the life at a hospital, we let him eat whatever he liked and get up and go to bed whenever he liked. I hope he had less stress at home than at hospital.

Instead of an easy life at home he's been getting weaker and weaker. Most seriously, he came to eat and drink less and less.
Whatever his favorite food we prepared, he wouldn't eat, saying he had enough.

Today he had a doctor's appointment at hospital. After a brief diagnosis the doctor advised him to be hospitalized again. It was mainly because of malnutrition and dehydration.

Still there are always both good and bad aspects for everything. My father's hospitalization caused my daughter to decide to have a wedding unexpectedly.

My daughter has had a boyfriend for a few years.
They were going to get married this year, but they didn't intend to have a wedding.
They said that having a wedding was expensive and they couldn't afford to have such a ceremony.

Hearing my father's situation, she urged her boyfriend to have a wedding. She wanted to show my father her wedding.

She was the first grandchild to my parents. As is often the case with the first grandchild, she was pampered and spoiled much. I suppose that's why she strongly wanted my father to attend her wedding.

We still don't know if my father will be able to attend her wedding.
Of course I hope his presence, but even if he couldn't attend, I'd like to thank him.
With his hospitalization I feel our family ties has got strong.

Now I want to do whatever I can think of for my father.

How bad was Fukushima: 福島はいかにひどかったかTIME


How Bad Was Fukushima?


Fukushima Report: Japan Urged Calm While It Mulled Tokyo Evacuation






NHKクローズアップ現代より。 http://t.co/DP8dRAR アニメファンの聖地巡礼に乗っかって町おこしのアニメを作る地方都市。なんだかあざとい。どうせなら作れば絶対聖地を生み出すジブリに、福島を舞台にアニメを作ってほしい。若者が福島を巡礼するなら文句は言わない。
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